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Daniël Eskens trio

Daniël Eskens put together a wonder band with synths, guitars and drum computers, featuring Jimmi Heuting on drums and me on guitar.

Elg Ler

Elg Ler’s music can get the most diverse listeners together and lead them all to some wild emotional peaks. The first record includes 8 new songs stuffed with sonic experiments, everything live and unpolished.

The overall trio sound feels like a unique blend of indie-rock and improv, often very rough and silly, aiming to please the ears of both indie kids and improvised music fans. It’s a co-lead band between Amsterdam and Naples, featuring Dario Trapani on guitar, Giuseppe Romagnoli on double bass and Stefano Costanzo on drums.

Stream/Buy Album:

Paolino Dalla Porta Future Changes

Paolino Dalla Porta (double bass) recently released his quartet record w/ Nicolò Ricci on sax, Riccardo Chiaberta on drums and me on guitar.
Moonlanding album out now for TUK Music, find it here:

Oh! Calcutta!

Post-rock meets loud improv.
The Greatest Story Ever Told EP is out for you to listen, w/ Pedro Branco and me on guitars, Valdimar Olgeirsson on bass and Tristan Renfrow on drums.


The brand new electric band lead by Alessandro Fongaro (el.bass), w/ Nicolò Ricci (sax), Koen Schalkwijk (Wurlitzer piano), Mark Schilders (drums) and me (guitar)q.
Album out sooner than you can even realise.

Collettivo T.Monk

The music of Thelonious Monk [and some extras, actually] for a twelve-pieces ensemble. I used to lead this band and arrange music for it.
We released Ugly Beauty in 2015 for Honolulu Records, w/ Andrea Dulbecco, Francesco Lento, Nicolò Ricci, Rudi Manzoli, Simone Maggi, Paolo Lo Polito, Andrea Baronchelli, Giovanni Agosti, Marco Rottoli, Riccardo Chiaberta, Marcella Malacrida.

Old Man In Khaki

Electro-acoustic teenager-wannabes.
Our SCISSORS EP is out now, w/ Andrius Dereviencenko on tenor saxophone and me on guitar.

Francesco Chiapperini's NoPair

Since 2014 I’m happy to be part of the bass-less group of Francesco Chiapperini’s (clarinets) w/ Gianluca Elia on sax/electronics, Antonio Fusco on drums and me playing guitar.
Chaos and Order is out on CD for Long Song Records: